Raise Your Middle Finger To "Fitting In"

Listening to Jill Kargman's episode on Refinery29 Unstyled Podcast about saying fuck it to "fitting in" set me back to a time where I tried to fit in, then just said "screw fitting in". I was so moved and inspired by this episode, that it reminded me why I became a lifestyle blogger aka BeautyLifeGeek.

Back in middle school, I've always wanted to fit in; a fresh new start from being bullied in elementary school. But, that was not the case. Sadly, the trend of "pick on Krystal" followed me throughout middle school. I was shy, quiet, always kept to myself, and stayed out of sight to avoid conflict. I was the only girl.....ever...... who enjoys spending time staying home, read comic books, watch anime and wrestling, and play video games; you know.... "boy stuff". But, my interests did not avoid the bullying radar. After middle school, the same cycle started again in high school; need to fit in= 4 years of being bullied.

During my college years, not only did the bullying stopped, but my need to feel accepted by others as well. It's time to stop and say SCREW IT! I am going to live my life as being myself. I am going to live my life loving writing, anime, wrestling, video games, and literature. I am going to create content that I enjoy making, share information that I love, and block out any negativity that comes my way.

That is how BeautyLifeGeek was born; a platform to be both beautiful and geeky. A voice to share things that I love in both the beauty and geek atmosphere. A place to be ME. This is my way of raising my middle finger to "Fitting In". 

So, I want you to raise your middle finger to fitting in. Break out of the mold of someone you think you need to be, and start living as the person that you truly are. Be happy, sad, angry, in love, geek, freak, nerd, punk, fashionista, beauty enthusiast, anime lover; raise your voice and say "I AM GOING TO LIVE MY LIFE FOR ME! DEAL WITH IT!". 

Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks for reading. Be Beautiful & Geeky :)

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Apple Keynote September 2016 Wrap Up

September 7th, 2016 marks the annual Apple Keynote event to introduce the new Apple iPhone 7. Apple also introduced new Apple iWatch series 2, Apple AirPods, and brand new features coming to the new ios 10 update. Although I am not planning to purchase the Apple iPhone 7 right away, I am excited about the brand new features coming to the new ios 10 update for my old iPhone; which I currently use as an iPod for my podcasts.

I did watch the Apple Keynote conference on YouTube. If you missed it, the video is available down below, as well as a link to the video here. I did enjoy the keynote conference; I was not over-the-moon impressed with the overall presentations. The only announcements that stood out to me were new gaming updates, education, coding, and new Apple iPhone 7 features. So, let's talk about it!

Credits: Apple


I am excited for this new Nintendo game coming to Apple; Super Mario Run. Super Mario Run looks cool, and enjoyable to play. It's like temple run with classic super Mario gameplay. Super Mario Run also features battle mode; you compete against other people and try to beat their score. 

I grew up with Super Mario and Nintendo, so I am looking forward to this game very much. Once Super Mario Run is released, I do plan to write a gaming review on this anticipated game. So, stay tuned.

Pokemon Go is coming to Apple iWatch. I personally do not own an Apple iWatch, but it does seem like a convenient way to catch Pokemon while traveling. The only downside to the Pokemon Go on Apple iWatch is the screen size. It just seems difficult to catch Pokemon and engage in battles on a small screen. Seems impractical.


Apple is dedicated to working with selected schools through ConnectED, to introduce technology and Apple products in a classroom environment. Apple believes in teaching children how to code, build websites and products, and help teachers introduce computer science to their students.

Education and technology is a huge part of my life. These components both influenced me to become a blogger, YouTuber, and writer. Now, technology has influenced me to persue a career in coding. I want to tech coding and technology to others, especially children. I enjoy playing and learning about technology, as well as teach others how to turn technology into a solid career.


  • Splash and water resistant
  • 12 MP HD Camera with optical image stabilization
  • Retina HD Display
  • A10 Fusion Chip
  • Improved Stereo Speaker System
  • AirPod Ear Buds with Charging Case

What do you think about the Apple Keynote September 2016 conference? leave your thoughts in the comments section. Thank you for reading. Be Beautiful & Geeky :)






Morning Sickness Blues

Last week was a rough week for me; I was hit with pregnancy morning sickness. This experience caused me to miss a week of work from my day job, as well as take a break from blogging and video production. I just felt drained.

Photo by g-stockstudio/iStock / Getty Images

I was nausea, chest pains, headaches, and coughing. I went to my local doctor, and it turns out that not only was I hit with morning sickness, but an allergy reaction. I was very scared about the health of my baby, but she assured me that my baby is okay. I just needed some rest and stay hydrated.

To cure my morning sickness blues; I drank hot ginger tea, water, and Gatorade daily. I ate small meals and small snacks. I stayed in bed until I was able to re-gain my strength to become active. Although I was pretty bummed out that I was unable to work, it was nice to concentrate on myself as a mother-to-be.

I am happy to report this week that I am feeling much better. I gained back my energy, went back to work and blogging, and my allergy reaction passed. My baby is happy and dancing around in my belly. This week is a huge win! 

How did you cure your morning sickness blues? Any advice or suggestions for other mothers-to-be going through the morning sickness blues? leave your thoughts in the comments section. Thank you for reading. Be Beautiful & Geeky :)


28 and Pregnant

I have achieved a new level in my life: I am 28 and pregnant. I am very excited for this new addition. To be honest, my fiancé and I are nervous, but we are adjusting well to our new baby. We have so much planned for our new family; finding a new home, baby clothes and supplies, doctor’s appointments, etc.

Before I found out that I was pregnant, I had a plan set for myself. I wanted to apply to college for a bachelor’s degree in childhood education and art history/English, work towards a NYS education certification, and find a more stable job as an assistant teacher. I had everything set perfectly for my future. But now with a baby on the way, I am not angry or upset that I have to wait. Think of it as a minor setback; I can always come back to this plan. I have a feeling of optimism for letting go of my little perfect world for someone very special. It feels amazing!

I’m going to be a mother! An actual mother! I don’t have to wish or wonder when my time will come, or at least stop hearing family members asking “when are you going to get married?” or “when will you have a baby?”. I’m still going to work as a children’s tutor, blog, work on my business, as well as produce videos for my YouTube channel. I am never going to give up the things that I love. It’s all about balance and family.

I understand this is a short blog post, but I want to share my pregnancy news, as well as turn my experience (so far) into a blog series. Hopefully, it will help other expecting mothers and gain some insight on your experience. Let’s help each other :)

Thank you for reading. Be Beautiful & Geeky :)