Raise Your Middle Finger To "Fitting In"

Listening to Jill Kargman's episode on Refinery29 Unstyled Podcast about saying fuck it to "fitting in" set me back to a time where I tried to fit in, then just said "screw fitting in". I was so moved and inspired by this episode, that it reminded me why I became a lifestyle blogger aka BeautyLifeGeek.

Back in middle school, I've always wanted to fit in; a fresh new start from being bullied in elementary school. But, that was not the case. Sadly, the trend of "pick on Krystal" followed me throughout middle school. I was shy, quiet, always kept to myself, and stayed out of sight to avoid conflict. I was the only girl.....ever...... who enjoys spending time staying home, read comic books, watch anime and wrestling, and play video games; you know.... "boy stuff". But, my interests did not avoid the bullying radar. After middle school, the same cycle started again in high school; need to fit in= 4 years of being bullied.

During my college years, not only did the bullying stopped, but my need to feel accepted by others as well. It's time to stop and say SCREW IT! I am going to live my life as being myself. I am going to live my life loving writing, anime, wrestling, video games, and literature. I am going to create content that I enjoy making, share information that I love, and block out any negativity that comes my way.

That is how BeautyLifeGeek was born; a platform to be both beautiful and geeky. A voice to share things that I love in both the beauty and geek atmosphere. A place to be ME. This is my way of raising my middle finger to "Fitting In". 

So, I want you to raise your middle finger to fitting in. Break out of the mold of someone you think you need to be, and start living as the person that you truly are. Be happy, sad, angry, in love, geek, freak, nerd, punk, fashionista, beauty enthusiast, anime lover; raise your voice and say "I AM GOING TO LIVE MY LIFE FOR ME! DEAL WITH IT!". 

Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks for reading. Be Beautiful & Geeky :)